10 Curious Facts About World of Tanks from Game Developers

How can a destroyed tank continue to fight? How to offer a developer to buy a “gold” inexpensive? What is a flying tree? Read our selection of interesting facts from the history of the game.

The most popular game in Russia is 10 years old – according to VTsIOM research in 2019, World of Tanks topped the top of the most beloved games among Russians. In honor of the anniversary, the game has already begun the big event “Decade”: it consists of five thematic acts, each of which is dedicated to certain milestones of the “Tanks”, which left a mark in the hearts of the players. Tankers will be able to get valuable rewards by earning commemorative coins and special in-game assets (including the stunning 3D-style for the T30 and the legendary American tank destroyer of tier IX) in a special Anniversary store.

Who invented the tanks?

There was a lot of controversy and speculation when answering the question “Who was the first to propose making tanks?”, But the creators of the game raised ICQ logs (ICQ, Karl!) And returned to the very beginning. It was not easy to figure it out, but now it is a fact: Peter Bityukov was the first to say the word “tanks” in the discussion of the idea of ​​a new project.

At that time, the company was in full swing developing a fantasy game about elves and orcs, and even the first locations and characters were drawn. The message of Viktor Kisly that the team has to leave this project and focus on tank topics, employees took it as a joke.

World of BelAZ: April 1, 2010

In 2010, in honor of April 1, the developers decided to release a comic clip telling that giant BelAZs would appear in the game. The news, intended for the players, was very interested in the Belarusian television: the journalists were trying to take a comment from the company and tell the details of the project. They did not believe that this was a joke, called back the next day and again asked for comment.

Killed but rides

Once a problem arose with the rounding of the tank’s health points. A ram could inflict a fractional damage value. In the game client, the remaining amount of health was rounded to a lower value, and on the server, to the nearest integer. As a result, in very rare situations, a desynchronization between the client and server could result.

This was manifested in the following: suppose a tank has 100 strength points, it is rammed and deals 99.4 damage. There are 0.6 points left. However, after rounding up on the server, the tank had 1 health point, and 0 points on the client. For the player, it looked like the destroyed tank continued to fight, even after being destroyed. The bug was fixed, of course, but the team remembered it for a very long time.


After the release of the game, there are always bugs, they were in WoT. But one of them became both serious and curious. When a player was aiming at a distant tank, he could not predict his movement. There is a tank, but it is not there: it disappears without a trace and appears in a completely different place. As it passes through a teleport. Getting into it was unrealistic. And this is on the eve of the trip to Igromir, where it was necessary to show the game to the whole world!

However, by the beginning of the exhibition, the developers managed to fix the bug. To do this, I had to put a limit on the maximum speed of 62 km / h. This led to the fact that light tanks became easier to kill at a distance. Having “repaired” the teleporters, they broke the balance a little, but this is a completely different story …

Shoot the sky – you’ll be invisible

The World of Tanks has always had Easter eggs for players. And then one day some particularly cunning comrades began to use it for selfish purposes. On the Pogorka map, at the beginning of the game, a message appeared periodically in the general chat: “Hit the bird and your tank will become invisible.” The meme sold at a breakneck pace. And many began to aim at the bird, and even ask others: well, can you see them or not? Meanwhile, while the “bird hunters” were aiming at the sky, the enemy tanks were aiming at them and successfully destroying them.

Flying tree

There was a flying tree in the game, but it had nothing to do with the New Year. The ELC tank (AMX ELC bis) was called “Christmas tree”: such a small one, nimble. But there was one bug with him: at high speed, it could fly into the sky. In a literal sense. Sometimes this happened during the game.

Million registrations

The first million registrations in the game were received in the first five months after the release – and this is without advertising. On the organics and word of mouth. Exactly one year later there were 5 million registrations in the game. Today, over 160 million World of Tanks users are registered worldwide.

New Year trees stood until May

To create a festive atmosphere, a Christmas tree appeared in the World of Tanks hangar in the winter of 2010–2011. It was planned that she would be in the main menu of the game only during the special New Year event, which ended in January. But the tree stood in the hangar until May.

No, the developers did not forget to remove it. When trying to do this, it turned out that the same model of the Christmas tree was used as a temporary replacement for flags at bases in battle. Somehow disconnecting the Christmas trees made the capture of the base impossible. Until the developers came up with a complete solution, the tree stood in the hangar. “Christmas tree until May – everything is as in life!” – the players wrote and treated the situation with understanding.

Belarusian “Blizzard”

In 2010, Wargaming presented the World of Tanks game at the Igromir exhibition to the general public. The company’s stand was installed on the spot where the stand of the world famous gaming company Blizzard Entertainment was supposed to stand, which at that time decided not to exhibit at Igromir. The company Wargaming, which took the place of the gaming giant, began to be called “Belarusian Blizzard”, which caused a feeling of pride among all its employees.

Serb, buy the Golda on the cheap

Chatting with the top developers of World of Tanks in the early years of the game was completely simple. Almost everyone knew their nicknames, even inexperienced players. You could always write to them on the forum, in LiveJournal or in a general chat in battle. And then one day a message from the user comes to Serba, the main game designer of the game, after the battle: they say hello, my friend developer is trading in “gold”, I can give it for cheap.

Sergei Borisovich threw off the nickname of the support player who had written to him and asked him to give the insolent a ban of chat for a month, after which he went into another battle. But something went wrong: when the Serb tried to chat with his catchphrase “KTTS” to the next question from the players “When?”, He realized that he was not sending messages. It turns out that they mixed up everything in the support and sent a Serb to the ban, and not a gold merchant.

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