The best messengers for the phone | TOP-10 Programs for communication

It is impossible to live without sending photos, voice messages, video messages and regular text messages. More and more people are switching from regular calls to instant messengers.

Why? The answer is simple. Such technology is much faster, more convenient and, most importantly, cheaper. But which messenger to choose in 2019? Which program offers its users more options?


In order to answer the above and many more popular questions, we decided to make our own TOP-15 messengers for the phone 2018-2019.


The first application we would like to parse is Telegram. Its creator is a well-known person – Pavel Durov.

Pavel at one time created the most famous and popular social network in the Russian Federation and the CIS, which is called Vkontakte.

Unfortunately, he had to sell this network to Just after this story, he decided to create a telegram.

Using this application, you don’t have to worry that someone will get hold of your data, be it scammers or federal special services.

It is also worth noting that this application has cloud storage.

Pay connect

Mobile messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype) in Russia this year may be pushed against the wall.

In any case, the new presidential adviser on the Internet, German Klimenko, has already promised to ban Telegram.

Therefore, now is the time to launch a domestic alternative. And MTS did it.

The MTS Connect mobile messenger is already available on the iPhone and Android platforms.

It provides all the usual functions for communication: chats, group chats, file transfer and location, calls via the Internet and landline / mobile phones.

MTS subscribers can call from Russia via Wi-Fi to Russian numbers at the same prices as at home.

In order to save files in this way, you must send the document to yourself. To make it simple, you need to open a chat with yourself and send the desired file.


Skype is familiar to many users. It was developed more than ten years ago, but only recently the application became available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Here, users can access all the most famous functions:

  • Voice messaging
  • Audio Messages
  • Video calls
  • Voice calls
  • Text messages


It is worth saying that the program is completely free. It is possible to download it from such stores as:

  • AppStore
  • Google play;


The application can work both from a mobile network and via a wifi connection.

Many users notice that the mobile version of Skype is not much different from the computer.

What’s app

The next mobile manager we would like to pay attention to is WhatsApp. The program is completely free and publicly available. Here are a large number of different stickers. The program absorbs the minimum amount of traffic.

It is worth noting that, if we talk about security, Vatsap on April 5, 2016 included end-to-end encryption in all versions of their application, which allowed them to no longer worry about the safety of their data. The application is available on all the most famous platforms, and there is also a web client.


You need to know that Viber is one of the best messengers for Android. It acts in exactly the same way as the previous messenger, but has a number of positive features. One of them is the ability to call regular numbers. When you run the program for the first time, you will need to log in by entering your mobile phone number.

After this procedure, the contact list will be synchronized. The mechanism is well known by WhatsApp, so we will not dwell on this in detail. In vibera you can send text messages, as well as call other users who also have this application installed on their phone. With the help of Viber, you will be able to send photos, audio and video files.


Hangouts not so long ago was born, the developer of this application is a company called “Google”. The program replaced at one time the well-known Google Talk application. The popularity of Hangouts is explained by the fact that developers closely associate it with the Android operating system.

It is worth noting that this program for the most part is among the applications that are installed by default on any Android phone. In fact, Hangouts is no different from the messengers that we previously analyzed. There is also the ability to send voice and text messages and make calls absolutely free.

It is worth noting that to enter the program you need to enter the username and password of your Google account. If it is not, then it is necessary to register, because this service serves as a kind of identifier. Many users believe that Hangouts is the best mobile messenger of 2017. It exists on two of the most famous platforms: IOs and Android.


Another messenger that you should tell about is Line. Unfortunately or fortunately, this program is not so popular in the Russian Federation and the CIS. But in all European countries and in the United States of America, the application has crowds of fans.

There is everything for comfortable communication:

  • Text messages;
  • Audio Messages
  • Video message.

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger allows people who are users of one of the most popular networks in the world to call and send messages to their friends, relatives and acquaintances. It is worth noting that this program is approaching in terms of the number of downloads to Vatsap. The popularity of the program is due to integration with Facebook.

Unfortunately, this application is not so popular in the Russian Federation, because Vkontakte is flourishing here. To enter the application, you must enter the username and password for your account on If we consider Facebook Messenger directly as a program for sending messages and making calls without looking at the region, then there should be no problems.

You can not only correspond with people from your contact list, but also add new ones through a search in the application. Initially, the address book is formed from two main sources – phone numbers in the device’s directory and friends on Facebook.

All data is synchronized with the social network, if the message was sent through a browser, then it will be displayed on the mobile device and vice versa.


Snapchat is a program that contains a fairly large number of different functions. Some even claim that this application is a whole social network.

Therefore, the fact that we included Snepchat in the TOP-15 of the best messengers of 2017 may seem a little strange. This application is completely different from the programs described earlier. Here, the very specificity of the transfer of various content is interesting. One of Snapech’s main functions is the transfer of photographs that were previously taken on a mobile phone’s camera.

It is worth noting that before sending a photo there is an opportunity to edit, and after a while the photo is automatically deleted from the correspondence. You can use this program for free, you only need to connect to the World Wide Web. It is worth noting that there is a function to create group chats and various broadcasts.


Imo is another messenger in which it is possible to perform standard procedures, such as sending text and voice messages, audio and video calls. You need to understand that the user does not need to pay for the program itself, but only a fee for the Internet is charged at the standard tariffication that you have connected.

Imo did not gain popularity in the Russian Federation and the CIS, which was very frustrating for the application developers. But the program is one of the top in Western countries. To enter this application, you must enter the mobile phone number to which the standard SMS message with a code will come.

It is possible to add contacts from the address book, but the likelihood that you will find at least someone there is extremely small. But you can send a message to any person from the address book with an invitation to join this messenger.

Final Word

So friends those are the best messenger Apps to communicate with your friends, Family. Download any of this and keep in touch with you best birdies. If you know any more app like this please inform us through comment box.

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