The largest list of sites for downloading music!
zvuki.ru- Perhaps the most popular site with music. The largest Russian music site, where you can find about fifty thousand songs for download. zaycev.net – One of the most popular music free music sites. Often updated, there are a lot of novelties, however lovers of classical music will hardly find a chance to find anything there. funkysouls.com – By the name it’s clear that you can download on this site, though before you download something you will need to register. yourmp3.net – A site of free foreign music that does not require registration. In principle, music is not enough, plus links to other foreign music sites. If you rummage you can find more free sites there. mp3dimension.com – A rather unstable music site, sometimes it redirects to paid sites, but sometimes you can find real gems in their collection. mp3.mp3s.ru – A lot of music, more precisely a lot of music. Sometimes there is a problem with download links, but they are regularly checked and updated. Often found there something that I could not find on other sites. musicmp3.spb.ru/mp3/ – A good archive of music. Rich enough and at the same time not a bad download speed. However, there are problems with the download due to hosting, as I understand it. qsound.ru – A lot of music, a lot of new products, but alas, broken links often come across. In addition, I can say that there are few music videos on the site. mp3real.ru – A very good music site, where in addition to music, there are not a few new products. The site is constantly updated and updated. mp3.elizov.com – Free music, though there isn’t so much there, but the one that is is downloaded correctly. metalarea.org – As the name implies, the site is dedicated to “heavy” music. Requires registration, the download speed depends on what you use to pump. cdonpc.ru – The site requires registration, but there is a lot of good music that is constantly updated with new products. True, recently introduced a speed limit for downloading music. sovmusic.ru – A huge archive of Soviet-era music on various topics, military marches, plus the speeches of leaders who can be heard are recorded. hot.ee/nostalgie/ – The site has an unusually high amount of Soviet-era music, dance music, children’s songs, tunes from television programs and much more. nirvana-mp3.narod.ru/ – Personally dedicated to Nirvana fans. grammy.ru/news/ – On this site, respectively, you can find the music to download, which is now popular in charts and other places where songs are rated. rusmuz.ru/ – An extensive music archive. Many songs, good download speed, and registration is not required. audiofind.ru – A site with an extensive music collection where you can find almost any style that exists in the world. The only negative is that you have to wait a while to get the download link. mp3plus.ru – Only music is available for download for free. To get the opportunity to download music, you need to register. The site features soundtracks from films, pop artist albums and various singles. mp3-az.com/ru/ – Not a little music, from “A” to “I”. It is constantly updated and on it you can often find those tunes that are not yet available on other sites. muzvideo.com – A huge, constantly updated collection of music videos – about three and a half thousand. mp3passion.net/ – A music archive containing very good music. Lovers of classics will just like it. Also posted music videos. Modestly and tastefully. mk4.by.ru/ – A good archive of club music and nothing more. newmp3s.narod.ru/ – Here you will find all the latest news of foreign music – high-quality and fashionable. muzoff.ru – A good archive of music, as well as ringtones for mobile phones. arcube.ru – There is a lot of good music on this site, but to download it, you need to register. For a certain time (month), the download will be free, then you will have to create a new account, so register better for backup mailboxes. dreammedia.ru – A site with a large collection of music. Also on the site you can find a number of clips. The site requires registration, after which everything is available for download. kilor.ru – This site contains specific music related to the fantasy genre. Perhaps the most complete collection of the network in this musical genre. A lot of interesting and original authors, bards, etc. ytopia.net – A good site with a huge archive of free music, in addition, there are two nice advantages: a) next to the link to the MP3 itself there is a link to the partner’s site – sometimes they come across good ones; b) a song is attached to each song


Friends those are the best free Music download site we ever seen. If we miss any site please inform us through comment box we will add this site. Go and download your favorite song from one of those site. That’s all stay home stay safe.

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