Need for Speed Payback: A Complete List of Cars Presented in the Game

Recently, ElectronicArts released another series of one of the best arcade simulations Need for Speed ​​Payback. To make it easier for you to navigate in choosing a car in the game, we have compiled a complete list of all the vehicles presented.

In the popular arcade car simulator Need for Speed ​​Payback, there are several categories of car choice: racing, off-road, drag, drift and Runner. Those who pre-ordered NFS Payback received five additional cars and five chassis in the Platinum Pack version for free.

For fans of this game, we have compiled a complete list of vehicles that you can use. Meet

  • Acura: NSX 2017 (drag, racing), Acura RSX-S (off-road, racing).
  • Aston Martin: DB11 (drag, drift, racing), Vulcan (drag, drift, racing).
  • Audi: R8 V10 plus (drag, drift, racing), S5 Sportback (drift, racing).
  • BMW: M2 (drag, drift, racing), M3 E46 (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), M3 E92 (drag, drift, racing), M3 Evolution 2 E30 (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner) , M4 GTS (drag, drift, racing, Runner), M5 (drag, drift, racing), X6 M (off-road, racing, Runner).
  • Buick: GNX (drag, drift, racing).
  • Chevrolet: Bel Air – Wrack (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), C10 Stepside Pickup -Wrack (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), Camaro SS (drag, drift, racing), Camaro Z28 (drift, racing), Corvette Grand SportÜberblick aller Gutscheine und Aktionen für Sky (drag, drift, racing), Corvette Z06 (drag, drift, racing).
  • Dodge: Challenger SRT8 (drag, drift, racing, Runner), Charger (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner).
  • Ford: F-150 Raptor (off-road), Focus RS (off-road, racing, Runner), GT (drag, drift, racing), Mustang -Wrack (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), Mustang Foxbody (drag, drift , racing), Mustang BOSS 302 (drag, drift, off-road, racing), Mustang GT (drag, drift, racing), Roadster (drag, drift, racing), Roadster Beck Kustoms (drag, racing).
  • Honda: Civic Type-R 2000 (off-road, racing), Civic Type-R 2015 (off-road, racing, Runner), NSX Type-R (drift, racing), S2000 (drag, drift, racing).
  • Jaguar: F-Type R Coupe (drag, drift, racing).
  • Koenigsegg: Regera (drag racing).
  • Lamborghini: Aventador Coupé (drag, drift, racing), Diablo SV (drag, drift, racing), Huracán Coupé (drag, drift, racing), Murciélago LP 670-4 SV (drag, drift, racing).
  • Land Rover: Defender 110 (off-road, Runner).
  • Lotus: Exige S (drag, drift, racing).
  • Mazda: MX-5 1996 (drift, off-road, racing), MX-5 2015 (drag, drift, racing), RX-7 Spirit R (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner).
  • McLaren: 570S (drag, drift, racing), P1 (drag, drift, racing).
  • Mercedes: AMG A 45 (drag, off-road, racing, Runner), AMG G 63 (off-road, Runner), AMG GT (drag, drift, racing).
  • Mercury: Cougar (drag, drift, racing, off-road).
  • Mitsubishi: Lancer Evolution IX (off-road, racing, Runner).
  • Nissan: 180X Type X (drag, drift, racing), 350Z (drag, drift, racing), Fairlady 240ZG – Wrack (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), GT-R Premium (drag, drift, racing), Skyline 2000 GT-R (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), Silvia Spec-R Aero (drag, drift, racing), Skyline GT-R V-spec 1993 (drag, off-road, racing), Skyline GT-R V-spec 1999 drag, drift, Race).
  • Pagani: Huayra BC (drag racing).
  • Plymouth: Barracuda (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner).
  • Porsche: 911 Carrera S 991 (drift, racing, Runner), 911 Carrera S 993 (drift, racing, Runner), 911 GT3 RS 991 (drag drift, racing), 911 RSR 2.8 (drag, drift, off-road, racing), 918 Spyder (drag, racing), Cayman GT4 (drift, racing), Panamera Turbo (off-road, racing, Runner).
  • SRT: Viper (drag, drift, racing).
  • Subaru: BRZ Premium (drift, off-road, racing), Impreza WRX STI (off-road, racing, Runner).
  • Volkswagen: Beetle – Wrack (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), Golf GTI (off-road, racing), Golf GTI Clubsport (off-road, racing).
  • Volvo: 242DL (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner), Amazon P130 (drag, drift, off-road, racing, Runner).

Need for Speed Payback: what is a chassis?

Vehicles, which are called old cars in this game, must be assembled in parts to be added to the chassis.

  • Parts intended for this are selected in the game world.
  • Old cars can be improved in five categories and reach the highest level there.

After the old car is put together, you can buy its stock version from the dealer.

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